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The new semester starts and my passion for crafting suddenly disappeared. 😦 Anyway, I still check Flickr and my Google Reader daily so I’ve got quite a few projects I like. The above mosaic is made from my recent Flickr favorites.

Mid-Autumn festival is coming this week. It’s such a good excuse for me to come back home after only 1 week in France. *blush* Hubby has baked some Cantonese-style moon-cakes, which are extremely tempting for me. The moon-cakes are delicious. There is only one left now. 😀 Another excuse is I found a nice regional train ticket offer, which makes (bi-)weekly round-trip affordable.

Although I sort of “escaped” from France, it doesn’t mean I don’t like France. Except everything related to administration, I quite enjoy living in the city. There are many things I like about France, for example, the food and the magazines. Newsstands (or tobacco stores) are everywhere and there is always quite a full selection in each one so you don’t need to worry about missing any issue of the favorite magazines. As for the craft-related magazines, the French ones may not carry more information than the German ones, but the photography, the editing and the printing are way much better. In addition to the famous Marie Claire Idées, there are many other magazines worth reading. I just bought the newest issue of Modes & Travaux (fashion and crafts?) at the train station. It’s not dedicated for crafts, however there are many interesting inspirations for many kinds of crafts, especially in the small booklet inside. There are some excerpts available on the website. My favorite project is the piggy wall sticker around the plug-socket as if the socket is the nose.
The weekly French course will start next week. I hope I could at least read something at the end of my study there. I really don’t expect myself to be able to understand what people are speaking. 😛

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  1. yes, French administration takes some getting used to! Glad you’re settling in 🙂

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