Summer vacation coming to the end

September 11, 2007 at 8:54 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books | Leave a comment

Starting in a new school is nothing funny. There are so many things to go through. Sometimes, the procedure formed a loop so that I have no idea where to start. For instance, I need to register in the university while the registration is done online, however you cannot access the internet or computers on campus and in student residence without your student ID which can be only obtained after you are registered. There are more such examples I had faced in the past few days. Hopefully, I can sort out everything at the end. Mr Y’s prediction is it would be time to come back when all the administrative problems are solved. I am a little more optimistic than him. I think I can get everything done just before the first final exam.:-D

Anyway, I didn’t freak out as I’ve been warned several times about what may happen. At least I got my room there (shared bathroom and no kitchen though), so I should be able to survive, probably without internet access. In other words, I may be absent from here later this week. 😦 The annoying part is what craft materials to bring there. Although all my crafting stuff can be put back into the same box I used to move last year, it’s still too much for my little room and too much for me to move there by train….Decision making is always the hardest. Maybe I should only bring some yarns first.

Perhaps, the crochet bird is my last finished project before the new semester. The pattern is from the book かぎ針あみかわいいあみもの(ISBN978-4529043540), which is a little different from the other crochet zakka/accessory books. The cover picture is attractive enough. The little bird, which decorates a hanger, is no doubt my favorite in this book. And it’s quite simple to make.

I cannot resist to make some changes as usual. A little stuffing makes the bird cuter. I also turned the wings so that it looks like it is enjoying flying. Besides, the bird has two different eyes on two sides….:-P

Click the picture for a list of the projects in this book. The cat pillows and the slippers are also very cute.

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