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September 5, 2007 at 10:05 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Websites, Misc. | 3 Comments

pink hippoIt has been a few months since I made Chubbey. It becomes really tempting to make stuffed animals once in a while, so I started thinking of such a project since the weekend.

I really wanted to use the pink cotton from cornflakegirl, but I didn’t feel like making a pig. Instead, I chose a hippo pattern from an unknown source shared by a friend. Bec and I had a short discussion about the colors of my crafts before. It seems it is quite frequent for me to use the “wrong” colors (usually due to the limitation of the materials), e.g. a blue bear, or a purple cat. Actually, pink hippos are not so rare, but I had to be very careful to make it distinguishable from pigs, which was in Mr. Y’s mind before the stuffing. He kept saying “I thought you were making a hippo…..” Its back still looks like a pig’s back, just a little. At least the tail is obviously not a pig’s tail. Overall it turns out to be OK especially with the naris which are not included in the pattern and the typical eyes in my style. 😀 Well, I really should have a different expression for my next softie.

pink hippopink hippo

BTW: if you like hippos, don’t miss this website. You will love it!

Yesterday, for the first time I went to the city in which I am supposed to spend my next year. I ran out of energy without getting my plan fulfilled. I need to confess again that I should have learned some French. 😛 I only walked around the campus and the student residence. There must be more for me to explore later. In spite of the communication difficulties, the first impression is not bad.


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  1. can i buy your hippo?

  2. Ack, so very cute! I love the little butt and the tail! any chance you have the pattern available to share or buy?

  3. hi! it’s soooooo cute! can you please share the pattern?

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