Never too tiny to sail

August 16, 2007 at 9:05 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 3 Comments

I thought this project would stay in my plan book forever. It’s been there since early December. More specifically, it’s been in my head since I saw Myra’s cute little mouses. I’ve been cracking walnuts for some pieces that can serve as a boat, but the captain part is uncertain: the walnuts I got here are smaller than usual (say, the ones I had in the other countries) so that the captain has to be even smaller.

I was surprised to see Myra visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Meanwhile, this “sailing” project knock my door again. Trying to spend the public holiday in the middle of the week more meaningful, I suddenly became motivated to carry this out.

Instead of pleasure it should be, the making process is sort of torture….It should be much easier to make it by needle felting, but I chose to sew it with all the tiny pieces. This little squirrel (let’s assume it’s a squirrel, which Mr Y did not agree) is made up of 15 pieces of felt and the parts are sewed together and stuffed. It became worse after I finished. All the flaws are magnified by the camera. 😦 Please ignore any unbalanced/uneven/unmatched/…/ugly parts you found in the pictures. It’s a squirrel less than 1 inch high, so the flaws are less significant than they are shown in the pictures. (That’s why I am trying hard to tell myself, also.) 😛

The reason I am making a squirrel but not any other creatures is quite personal. I had a hard time when I left my home country for the first time. At that moment, it was one of the few things I like to watch the squirrels in the park when sitting on a bench with a book in hand. No matter how difficult the life is, you can hardly hate the place when such cute animals are all around you. I started writing a story about a brave squirrel traveling across the Pacific and having a new life in the new country. 😛 No wonder my little squirrel is the best realization of the character in this old unfinished story. The “boat” can actually float on the water, but it must be hard for it to cross the ocean…..:-)

BTW: the N on the flag stands for Noah, my husband’s choice. -.-


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  1. Oh dear, can there be anything cuter? I think you did a great job, the squirrel looks wonderful! I tried once to sew a little bear out of felt…made a big mess out of it (thread too dark, stitches too big…)…let me find a photo.

    Horrible bear

    Horrible bear with Riley

    The doll holding the bear is 7″ 1/2. I don’t think I’ll ever try again.

  2. 15 pieces of felt!? That is amazing. And the detail is incredible.

    I can’t believe you sewed it together. At first I thought it was needle felted. Really well done! I love it.

  3. I love the squirrel and I totally thought it was one; you are amazing to work on something so small and have it turn out so well.

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