Some Gnome Fever

August 14, 2007 at 9:34 am | Posted in All My Sketches, Craft - Blogs, Craft - How-to's, Craft - Inspirations, Craft - People, Craft - Websites | 6 Comments

I was a little upset for no reason. Every girl gets upset like this sometimes, I guess. I don’t wanna do any crafting, and sketching became the first thing I can think of. I can finally start the first page of my “new” sketchbook, which was bought 2 years ago.

My husband and I was discussing about GNOME and KDE and how to pronounce GNOME, which should be different from gnome, the night before. And then, we also talked a little about gnome. Garden gnomes are very common here (….this country is where garden gnome came into being……). The lady living on the first floor of the building next to ours has at least 3 climbing around her balcony and one more in her “front yard”. It’s cheerful to pass by them every morning. I believe they are repositioned from time to time. 😛

Later, I saw this amazing knitted doll pattern and decide to google the designer’s name. Surprisedly, it turns out Alan Dart is the designer of many knitted stuffed toys that I’ve already seen, including the Piggles family, Sirdar’s Animal Magic, kitties, puppies and bunnies. Clearly, sort of, the most popular pattern from him is the gnome one. There are so many knitted gnomes that you can hardly ignore, and you can even see how people make them. Once again, I felt so pathetic that I am not capable YET to try any of these knitted toys. Nevertheless, I should be able to try some with crochet…….

When I actually search for crochet gnomes, I found a couple of them: here, here and here. And, there are at least two free crochet gnome patterns: from Let’s go ice-skating and from Else’s Bellas Artes. I am totally in love with the beautiful scene setting by Else. You should not miss her wonderful Post Owl either. How can an owl be so lucky to have so many accessories?!

After all these online findings, I decided to draw my own gnome. Being conservative, I gave him a red hat, a blue coat, green pants and a pair of black shoes. The focus of his face has to be the big red nose and the rest is not important. He is doing more than gardening at night: he is bring light to everyone’s heart. I hope you can feel it too. 🙂


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  1. Wow, thanks for the links! I’d been wanting just such a bunny pattern. The pirate doll is very impressive!

  2. Great Gnome patterns

  3. […] for the bone, it’s my first experiment on knitted stuffed toy. The pattern is by Alan Dart (as a part of “Cave Folk“), very simple, and it turns out great. Consequently, I am […]

  4. Do you have the Darian Dragge 1987 leaflet “Instructions for Making a Knitted Gnome” — and, if so, what is the price?


    • sorry, I don’t have it.


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