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August 11, 2007 at 10:13 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books, Craft - How-to's | 3 Comments

After doing some crocheting, some sewing and some finger knitting, I decided to move on doing something with paper During the cleaning up last weekend, I threw out all the flyers/extra paper products. And, I also noticed the campus magazines were published with high quality coated paper, every page of them. It’s not clear why such nice paper is chosen for such a rarely read free campus magazine, however, since the paper is much stronger than normal flyers sheets, the magazines are surely great material for “recycling” craft projects.

I happened to see the basket in the excerpt page from a new Japanese book かごとかご雑貨 (ISBN 4529044467) a few days ago and cannot resist to try it. The book is about some material, some cane-like tapes made of recycled paper, called “Eco-craft” in Japan. Of course, it should be easily substituted by coated paper tapes.

The problem is the excerpts do not include any tutorials (no wonder) and I have to figure it out by myself. I’ve found some very interesting tutorials and some basic techniques online, but none of them is what I want. I may try to follow those tutorials later, but I have to make the baskets in the page first.

As you can see, I unintentionally weaved my box in my own way (compare the side patterns). To be honest, I was only planning the basket on the left, but ended up with two extra pieces too small to be the lid of the largest one. In order not to waste my efforts, I came up with a way to combine them all and it makes the box even more different from the ones shown in the excerpt. 😀

I am quite happy that I am finally released from the obsession of this basket thing, even though there are many flaws on each piece. Cutting and folding the tapes are a little boring, so I am probably not going to repeat this very soon. 😛


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