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When crafting suddenly becomes possible, it is so hard to start any serious projects immediately. As usual, I start slowly with simple crochet doily.

The pattern is from かわいいレース編み雑貨 (Lovely Crochet Lace Zakka). The book are mainly about applying thread crocheting for daily use. Most items are simple enough for a quick project, say a few hours. The projects in this book, including a cellphone pouch, a pincushion and some flower pins, are quite ordinary. You can find similar things everywhere. The only thing I found a little different is a dual-purpose piece, which can be used as both a tissue box cover and a place mat. It is still not a surprise as there has been similar place-mat made from fabrics. The projects are not so exiting, but I like the photographs nevertheless. The photographer has chosen a very nice wood table. 😀

We had two visitors knocking our doors this afternoon. Two Germans, speaking Mandarin, tried really hard to hand me some religious booklets, even after I told them I don’t speak the language. It is the first time since we moved in this building. Although I am pretty open to any religions, it is not so comfortable to see religions being promoted like commercial products. It would be much better if they speak German/English instead of Chinese. Believe it or not, these people actually acted in the same way as the tele-com saleslady who tried to sell me some long-distance plans a few years ago (another long old story). They only gave up when I finally told them I believe in Buddha…….hmm……

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