Everybody loves Amineko

June 10, 2007 at 9:46 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 4 Comments

It seems inappropriate to spend a whole day in crafting when the first final is coming in 3 weeks, but that’s what I did and I actually quite enjoyed it…..:-P And, the charming Amineko (crocheted cat) pattern is so hard to resist. After having known the website for years, I finally got my hands on it.

A friend asked me to make him a special cat so he can give it to the nice lady in Ausländerbehörde as a gift. The lady’s office was full of cat items. Since it’s only a “second-hand” gift, it might be too much for me to use my own design. Amineko turns out to be the best choice for this purpose.

It is probably going to be my only Amineko. It’s still painful for me to follow an amigurumi pattern all along. I cannot help to follow my hunch to some trivial modification all the time. When the hunch doesn’t work, the whole part has to be redo. I am glad it is not too different from the original Amineko. (I admit it’s still quite different.) I used lace-crochet cotton so this cat is much smaller than the usually Amineko, but he can still do those trademark poses.

The one thing I like the most about Amineko is his attitude, the way he thinks he is so unique even he is not. 😀 I have to bring him to my friend next week, otherwise I am afraid I am going to keep it.

For more Amineko, check Flickr: tag: amineko, group: amineko’s world


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  1. Well done, he does have a lot of attitude!

  2. He’s adorable!! I am guessing he is less than 10cm tall?
    Good luck with the final! 🙂

  3. This is sooooooooo cute! I talked my sister into making one for me. 🙂

  4. I love him! Well done, so cute.

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