Edinburgh Wrap-up

May 17, 2007 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Travel | 1 Comment

Finally….I managed to organize the pictures I took in Edinburgh last month. This one is my favorite. It looks like some scary movie to me. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already been a month ago. >_<

Royal Mile

Some park close to Prince St

Edinburgh is a 3D city. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right way as one road can have more than 3 names. The worst case is one is a few meters higher than the other in exactly the same position in a 2D map. You should be able to find 3 street signs(West Bow, Victoria St, Victory Terrace) in the following picture. 😀

The pub culture in Edinburgh is quite different from the other cities I’ve been in. It seems pubs are the best places for all kinds of communication and networking. During the week, we spent 2 nights out of 3 nights in pubs. Chubbey also went to a pub with me.

Edinburgh Castle is certainly a must-see sight.

Tartans are also typical Scottish. We went to a tartan weaving exhibition, a.k.a. “tourist trap”. Some tartan fabrics there are actually not wool but cotton manufactured in China.

Even though, there are some interesting real-scale models of weaving machines.

At last, the breakfast we have everyday in Edinburgh:

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  1. That first photo is amazing and some of those others are really great too. I didn’t know you were a photographer to boot!

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