April Fool with a Big Mouth

April 1, 2007 at 10:27 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - People | 1 Comment

Hey, happy April fools’ day! I hope you enjoy today. 😀 Don’t miss the special entry of MakeZine.

And, I made something for April fools’ day. As you know, chatting, from mouth to mouth or via internet and sms, is best way to spread rumours/gossips. In Chinese, “big mouth(大嘴巴)” is used to describe those people that talk more than they should. Therefore, I think, a big mouth could somehow represents April fools’ day, a day for harmless gossips.

Speaking of the head itself, it’s knitted with the same yarn of the rose I made. Anyone who has ever knitted would know pure stockinette stitch (alt. 1 row knit + 1 row purl) curls. Many people hate such curls. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable because of the inherent difference between knit and purl unless you change the tense or needles. If we cannot avoid it, why don’t we make use of it? That is how the lips are made: it’s on exactly the same piece of knit as the rest. 🙂

What I did is to cast on 15 stitches and do stockinette stitches until I got desired length. Quite simple, right? The ears are crocheted seperately. The hairs are put on with the technique for hand-hooked rag rugs, and the eyes and eyebrows are stitched on with the same black yarn. The rectangle head is inspired by zuzu’s big mouth softies. Hubby’s comment was “he looks like Shin-chan’s father“. hmm….it’s actually possible to squeeze his chin a little bit…..

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  1. Haha, great idea! It is true he looks like Shin-Chan’s father! I’d never have thought to use stockinette rolls this way.

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