2 days in Dublin

March 25, 2007 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Travel | 2 Comments

I’m BACK! The whole trip was amazing. On the other hand, I am exhausted thanks to the tight schedule.

We have done:

attending a workshop by giving presentations,

enjoying some great Irish foods,

shopping and city tour by bus,

The Irish are friendly and the weather are surprisedly great!

misc about the trip:

We’ve gone through 2 package contro and 1 passport control in Frankfurt before departure. I got beep every time, thereby was searched thoroughly in a terribly uncomfortable way.

The same message is broadcasted consistently inside/around the Dublin airport: don’t leave your package unattendedly, otherwise the package may be removed or even destroyed. I guess they meant explosion.

The local bus from Dublin airport left without us after we had waited for at least 3 min in front of the front door through which we can clearly see the driver.

The queue for taxi from the airport is so loooooooooooooooooooong. The only comparable queue for taxi I’ve ever seen was the one outside the old/local airport in Shanghai.

We stayed in a hotel in a old Georgian building which locates right beside a large park (Stephen’s Green) in the city center. The lunch offered by the host was GOOD. The Irish dessert is especially delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name. I think there is some special butterscotch in it.

The taxi driver that drove us out of the city center has a nice voice very similar to Titus Pullo in Rome. He told us a lot of funny stories. No wonder Dublin can produce so many winners of Nobel prize in Literature.

Another taxi driver we met was terrible. According to his accent and face, he must not be a native irish. He tried hard to stay behind the traffic. After we lost our patience, he suggested us to walk as there are only 15min walk to go. At that point, the meter was already showing a price higher than what we paid for the whole trip. We walked back to the hotel. It took us more than 40 min. As a matter of fact, we walked through the whole city…..I felt very sorry that a senior scientist had to walk such a long way with us.

We cannot find beers in Guinness store.

There are only a small corner of craft book in the largest bookstore in Dublin. I miss Chapters…..

Here come the pictures. Some of them are a little blur as they were taken on a moving bus….

Backyard viewed from the hotel room:

Probably the most beautiful Georgian door in Dublin

Church and bank

Guinness (New and Old)

Presidents Residence in Phoenix Park

Bridges over River Liffey Ror O’More and Ha’penny

And……Chubbey on the road:


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  1. What a nice trip! You seem to have good weather and to have stayed in a very nice hotel. Chubbey is too cute as usual!

  2. […] must have noticed my new travel companion Natalie. Chubbey lost her way home and Jo stayed with my parents, so I really need someone to go to Prague with me. […]

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