A Vague Experiment

March 7, 2007 at 10:56 am | Posted in Craft - Inspirations | Leave a comment

After our last exam, I went to Woolworth and bought a cheap fashion doll, which is 80% useless for myself. Before Mr. Y arrived home, the doll was already thoroughly disassembled. Even the hairs are off the head, which surprised him a little bit. And then….Mr. Y start acting curiously to the “remains”, e.g. testing whether the hairs were synthesized or human fibers by burning one. 😛

J suggested using the doll as mold for cloth doll patterns. I carried out this idea on the body this morning. As I don’t have tapes, I used baking foil instead. Mr. Y said it looked like a piece of chocolate when it was wrapped up. He also suggested wrapping with golden foil to fake an Oscar statue. 😀 It seems feasible to use foils for modeling indeed. One more project in my list. 🙂 As for this experiment, the results, namely the foil patterns, looks fine. However, My interests on this issue are already used up. I am afraid I am not going to try out the pattern in the future. 😀

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