February 27, 2007 at 4:53 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Misc | 2 Comments

There must be something wrong. It’s been raining for a few days, and I’ve lost interests in anything for even more days. The only comfortable position for me is lying on the bed doing nothing but watching the gray gray sky outside, maybe plus some long long sighs. Maybe that is what a spring break means.

Please don’t remind me of my extra-long “to-do” lists (different lists for different purpose.-.-). I cannot do anything I am supposed to do. Yesterday, I dropped my crochet hook just 5 min after I picked it up.

In order to cheer up a little bit, I tried really hard to stick to crocheting today until I finish the bracelet. The white tape was crocheted with 1mm hook and 100%-cotton basting thread (reihgarn), which is quite different from usual crochet cotton. I was going to decorate the tape with ribbon. And the two flower was not in my original plan of this bracelet either. The idea just came when I was finishing the tape. In other words, the whole process was totally out of control. The final bracelet still looks OK. It should work with some blue dresses that I never had.

Here comes my fat left hand:


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  1. It looks more than OK, it looks very pretty! I have a book about crocheted jewelry but being a French book the explanations are very insufficient for me, so I haven’t tried anything from it yet.

  2. this is really more than OKAY!
    and it would go perfectly with white too (if you don’t have blue dress!)

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