Made in China (2)

February 6, 2007 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Craft - Misc, Craft - People, Craft - Websites | Leave a comment

I used to talk about Taiwan Campo back in August. A few months ago, people from mainland China also started to organize similar exhibition+market, which used the same name 创意市集. However, people involved in this one are more design-oriented, thus the event was carried out in the “design week”. You can definitely sense their expertise from the works.

My favorite group among these people is the one with Mummy softies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find their website, if they have one. Leeka and Babo are relatively more famous for their sofites than the other people, but neither of them can delight me. Those designers usually pay more attention to the shape/style of the works while ignoring the skills, i.e. procedure of making. On the other side, the other group of people practice their skills everyday, however, lack of their own idea. If these two groups of people can be merged someday, there mut be much more interesting items coming out.

Here are the links to some other artists/designers I really like:

Yoyo‘s Goodbye Summer


and Yihe Team

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