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There must be something wrong. It’s been raining for a few days, and I’ve lost interests in anything for even more days. The only comfortable position for me is lying on the bed doing nothing but watching the gray gray sky outside, maybe plus some long long sighs. Maybe that is what a spring break means.

Please don’t remind me of my extra-long “to-do” lists (different lists for different purpose.-.-). I cannot do anything I am supposed to do. Yesterday, I dropped my crochet hook just 5 min after I picked it up.
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Nightmares go away

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The past two weeks were so stressed that nightmares came to visit me every night. They still come after all the exams are over.:-( I even “experienced” some gunfight last night. 😐 I need a dreamcatcher badly!

The ring was from a plastic cup of Dr Oetker’s 500-g yogurt. It’s wrapped with some old yarn I used to used for Miranda’s hair. The web is made from the shaded cotton thread with which I’ve produced a few doilies. The beads and the feather are all from cornflakegirl. 🙂 You can find main clear step-by-step tutorials online.

It’s been hung over my bed already. I hope I could have a peaceful sleep tonight.

How I appreciated!

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I just received some postcards from a friend. At the end of last year, I got two e-cards, one of which is from Dawn. She was the first one asking about my new blog address. The card was a little surpised. I didn’t reply, but I have to say I really appreciated your visits and comments. I meant all of you, both old friends and new friends that I can hardly list.

There are three critters in the card, and the cat immediately gave me an softie idea. It should be the best way to show my appreciation to carry out the idea. It’s surely my first serious post-exam craft project. 🙂

I don’t have any pink fabrics similar to the cat on the card, therefore I decided to use my favorite felt. It’s sewn and stuffed, not needle-felted. 🙂 Basicly, I adapt the big eyes and big nose I like the most. I also make my cat look happier. It’s almost in the same size as the panda. “Oh, a big head again…” was what Mr Y said when he saw the cat. 😀

Thanks again for the inspiration, Dawn! 🙂

Geometry Passion

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The last exam of this semester was done! We spent the night watching the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower“, a terrible one. No doubt the movie was not nominated for foreign language film in Oscars. Zhang Yimou totally ruined the story from the live drama “Thunderstorm (雷雨)”. BTW: Pan’s ladyrinth is quite good.

Helene from Biscut’s House and I discussed a little about different ways holding knit needles last weekend. The discussion reminds me I haven’t touched any knitting needles for such a long time. Well, I dropped knitting 3 months after I learned it. Lidl happened to have a sale for needles this week so that I happily got a pair of circular needles for 1.99€. While watching the stupid shining movie, I tried to recall the basic knitting techniques. Surprisedly, without reading any instructions in advance, I still remember knit & purl, start and finishing as well even though I am unbearably slow. 🙂 The little gauge looks not too bad anyway.

To avoid waste of effort and time, I use the little piece and another piece of fabrics of the same size to make myself a cuboid. It can serve as a pincushion as shown in the picture. It’s also comfortable enough as a relieve toy.

The cuboid is fairly easy. Corresponding edges in the picture of two pieces are sewing together. I sewn them on the wrong side, leaving a small open and then turn it inside-out. Stuff it, close the opening, then DONE. Since it’s not a square cuboid, you can use any size of rectangle fabric/knitted/crocheted pieces as long as length of A equals C’s length and Bis the width of the piece. Is that simple?

Simple shapes make great softies. abbyjane from While She Naps has made many cute cubic animals. I really want to hug the orange piggie. Fluksy also has some cubic creature. Besides cubes, spheres also seem to be softie artists’ favorites.  The cutest thing in Claire Garland’s book Toy to Sew has to be the ball-shaped cat. losabia from I knew that! made “ball animals” too. Hers are even better, especially the ball-een whale.

Afterlife of a book

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Remember Peter Callesen I talked about? It’s a little similar that I’ve seen a bunch of old-book sculptures popular enough to appear in various groups/forums. Not until today did I found the incredible artist’s website. It’s Su Blackwell. 🙂

There is only one exam to go. Unfortunately the textbook was from the library. Otherwise…..^^


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I found this twisted shawl in the new Japanese book “hand*madeわたしのニット” (ASIN4277172067) published in this January by Ondori. The shawl is surprisedly similar to the one among my potential projects. The green shawl in the middle was from some Brazilian(?) crochet magazine I read last year. The Japanese one seems to be knitted, while the other is crocheted. Pointed with my ugly purple arrow, a name is claimed as the designer of the shawl. As this style is totally new to me before I saw the green one, I am very curious about which one is the original. Or were they inspired by something in common, say some fashion shows. There are thousands of crafting books published every year in Japan. It is hard to maintain their “uniqueness” sometime.

Unbearable Cuteness

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Finland may be the top country in my travel plan because Moomins are from there. My old paper mache hippo I made years ago had something in common with moomins. That’s why Rioky’s livejournal got my attention immediately. Her felted moomin characters are way too cute. I also found out my favorite needle felted cat which I saw somewhere else was from her too. In addition, she felted totoro TOO! I am so looking forward to her new works. As usual, I wish I could read Russian when I found such gorgerous stuffs.

Another cute thing I have share is the “A Teddy Bear a day” project from Cindy Hains. I’ve came up with a lot of stories when I was going through all the teddy photographes. My favorite one for the moment is Learn English, as I am also feeling a little desperate for study (exams) right now. I am a little hestitated whether it’s allowed for personal use. I am using the one in “Taylor’s newpaper” as my desktop wallpaper.

And, here is a mosaic picture of the lamb purse I made for J before, one of my most satisfied craft projects ever. It’s a small metal-clasp purse with a key ring on the lamb’s tail. Its “furs” are handmade white pompons. Its ear, head and limbs are from black felt. The body is made from muslin and cotton.

I can’t wait for the exams to be finished so as to start something NEW! 😦

Celebrate the New Year of Boar

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It’s Chinese New Year Eve today. Mr. Y and I managed to do something to celebrate this important day. We gave ourself a delicous treat of dumplings with homemade wraps. Luckily, we can watch some special Chinese TV shows via internet when we were making dumplings. Before we started making dumplings, I also spared a few minutes to make a little pig…..head only. 😛 It’s been in my plan book since Jan 17. I think it would be less meaningful it’s made after the new year.

Here is how I made it:

Hook: 1mm,
Thread: #10 crochet cotton (light blue) and a little black embroidery thread for eyes

Ears: make two
Start: R1: 3 ch, dc in the very first chain, 3 more dc, 3 ch and turn
R2: 2sc in one dc, 1 sc, 2sc in one dc, 1 sc, 2sc in one dc, 1 ch and turn
R3: (sc in one sc)x8=8sc, ch and turn
R4: 1sc in 2 sc(dec), 1 sc, dec, 1 sc, dec, fastern off

Start: R1: 3 ch, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, 4sc in the same ch,
R2: without turning, keep working on the opposite side of the same chains
sc, 3sc in the same ch, sl st to join
R3: ch, sc 8 times, fastern off

Head: as simple as any crocheted balls/beads.
Start: R1:6 sc,sl st to join
R2:1ch, (2 sc in the same sc)x6=12sc,sl st to join
R3: 1ch, (1sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=18sc, sl st to join
R4: 1ch, (2sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=24sc, sl st to join
R5: 1ch, (3sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=30sc, sl st to join
R6: 1ch, (4sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=36sc, sl st to join
R7-11: 1ch, 36sc, sl st to join
R12: 1ch, (4sc, 1sc in the 2 sc(dec))x6=30sc, sl st to join
R13: 1ch, (3sc, dec)x6=24sc, sl st to join
R14: 1ch, (2sc, dec)x6=18sc, sl st to join
Sew ears and nose on, stitch the eyes+eyebrows (you can use black beads for eyes)
and stuff the head before continue to close the open,
R15: 1ch, (1sc, dec)x6=12sc, sl st to join
R16: 1ch, (dec)x6=6sc, fastern off

I hope the pattern is readable. 🙂 It’s no longer than 3cm at any dimension, thus good for cellphones. I can put it with the flower I made yesterday together also. They look sort weird on Mr. Y’s cellphone though.

wordpress supports LaTex format math formula now. gotta try it.

Which one?

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Quick project again. It took no more than half an hour to finish both when I was going over the course materials. They are no bigger than a 1€ coin. It would be nice to use white thread for larger petals and yellow for the center, then it would be a nice daffodil. I made two alternatives with my limited “inventory” of cotton threads. I am not sure which is better in terms of color combination. They don’t look so different from each other. What do you think?

The pattern is derived from a motif pattern in a Japanese book モチーフ・エジング200—やさしいかぎ針編 (Motif,Edgings 200-Easy Crochet Patterns). ASIN: 452902072X. As stated in its name, it’s a collection of basic crochet motifs and edgings. The motifs are classified into a few categories: flower motifs, three dimensional motifs(the flowers I made are from this category), lace motifs, basic motifs(mainly squares and hexagons), fancy yarn motifs (using special yanrs, such as mohair) and colorful motifs (e.g. granny squares). The book also includes some pictures showing how these motifs are applied to clothes and home decorations. It is a handy reference for crochet lovers, especially the beginners.

Beauty of Study

February 15, 2007 at 6:03 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 1 Comment

The sun finally made his another visit to our little town after some heavy rain last night. Hopefully, he can stay here for a while, say until the Chinese new year come. 🙂

Right, I did another exam this morning. There are more coming next week. As soon as one exam or one course is done, a huge pile of paper, including the printout slides, handouts, my notes, my final revision outlines and some sketches, became kind of useless at the moment. Since there’s no way to keep those sketches, I tried to make use of them, e.g. for origami. It’s even a little too thick for complicated origami, therefore I don’t think such print paper is suitable for paper mache, either.

Michael taught me a little of his swan during our psycholinguistic lecture the other day. It turned out he cannot remember all the steps. But, still, his instruction gave me a clear guide to the basics. After I got home, I repeated what he showed me and figured out the last few steps in my own way. It’s the one in the front. Although I am not sure how close it looks like Michael’s, it looks like a swan to me. 😛 The other one is based on a diagram available online.

I have to admit that a small entertainment like this actually help me to face all the stresses. Crafting is always the best treatment, isn’t it?;)

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