Gifts for me and gifts for her

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When I was still trying to get out of my dream on Friday morning, the DHL-man came, rang my door-bell and handed me a package: a package from Japan! ping sent me WAWA#46, her friend Mr “small” and a nice nice craft book. 😀 I was in such a good mood for the whole weekend even though I still need to fight with grammars and programs.

Being taller than Jo, WAWA appears to be the giant in the kingdom of my toy shelf. She can amazingly stand by herself without any external supports. Except the pink silk ears, most parts of this WAWA are from Kimono fabics. ping had done a great job matching the strips of each pieces so as to make the shapes fancier. I tried to knot her ears together. Unfortunately, her ears are not as long as they look like. 😛

Believe it or not, my favorite among ping’s works is always the series of Mr “Small”, which ping calls “little thing(小东西)”. Seeing this little creature brings me a bunch of joyful imagination.

I didn’t manage to take pictures of the package yesterday because I was working really hard to get the birthday gift done before Katya’s party. It was already dark before I can finish it. I can only take a few pictures after ironing. The pictures are a little ugly. 😦

The gift is made up of two parts: crocheted bookmars and a little pouch to hold the bookmarks. Katya claimed in the Xmas party that she loves books so that she went for the book giftcard in the gift exchange. Since I am not the only one there, I believed she was going to get some books as gifts. Therefore, it should be nice to have some bookmarks at the same time. She did get some books last night. 🙂 Actually, crocheted bookmarks are less time-consuming than the other gift ideas in my mind at the moment.

Katya also told me after the Xmas party she would go for the bear if she knew about the bear before the party. It would be no fun if I make the bear again. In addition, I also want to made something that can be used. Finally, I decided to use the same yarns for a pouch to hold the bookmarks and also to potentially hold something else.

I also tried something new. It’s like using crochet stitches to imitate knitting. It’s only slightly different from double crochets (dc). According to, it’s front post stitch. It seems there are still a lot of crochet techniques for me to explore.

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