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The past week was a little tight. Yesterday, I finally gave my another presentation for this semester. After the presentation, I have to immediately devote myself into two urgent projects and a pre-exam coming next week. The whole Feburary will be a hard time for me: no crafting, few blogging and a lot of reading.

There was something stuck in my mind for a while in the past few weeks. It was last week or the week before. When our Japanese collegue was talking about the terribly slow laser-printer for students in the dept., I suggested him to print the course material at the institute where he works as an RA. His response was it was not a good idea to use the printers there for such a purpose and he would rather stick to the slow printer in the student lab. I was a little surprised. Although the reason he chose not to print course materials at his work place should be applicable to anyone, few people can really do things following this “principle”. Most of people, including me, have been used to handle such problems in a probably wrong way.

Another reason that makes me considered so much about the colleague’s words is that something bad happened around the internet word, especially to my craft friends. Flickr sent out a notice to every user about scam links. People around flickr are talking about unauthorized uses of the pictures in flickr. On the other hand, the design of ping‘s WAWAs as well as designs of some other famous softies were found to be copied by a Chinese crafter for her softies selling on taobao, the largest competant of ebay in China. J’s tutorial pictures appeared on some unauthorized websites AGAIN. We also found out one of these websites is almost a huge base of so-called “ebooks”, which are indeed unauthorized pictures scanned from craft books. It seems they try really hard to attract users by allowing uploads of a whole book. Sooner or later, it would become nothing crafty but books. In addition, I found a picture from MSL reedited in Korean.

For those working hard on their OWN crafts/designs, these are really desperate…….

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