Maywa Denki

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Am I the last one to hear about this group “Maywa Denki”? Last night, when I was reading a new romance about a toy designer, I found out the author claimed in the postscript that the story, especially the toys, was inspired by the Japanese group called “明和電機“(a. k. a. Maywa Denki). After looking into a few websites, I think they are really special working in such a way to promote their arts and designs. It would be nice to share with you in case I am not the last one to know them. Here is a short introduction from ICC:

Maywa Denki is an art unit formed in 1993 by two brothers, Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa, who appointed themselves “president” and “vice president,” respectively. Since then they have engaged in activities that go beyond the conventional framework of art, describing their works as “products,” calling their live performances “product demonstrations,” appearing on TV and in the mass media, and producing commercial products. In 2001 the younger brother Nobumichi became president.

Unfortunately, their official website is down, but you can still take a look at the for their toy series of knockman family. There are a few videos that can give you some ideas about how the toys work. My favorite is Colon, which amazingly integrates chimes into such a small unit.

Of course, the instruments they use in their performance are much more complicated than the toys. For instance, the wings-like one makes them look like human from the future. Their “absurd” performance filled the windy Sunday with laughs. I hope it can cheer you up too. 🙂

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