Knots over walnut

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I am afraid to claim this is something traditional even though the techniques are definitely hundreds years old. Before I can talk about this “thing”, I think it is neccessary to give a brief introduction about “玉”(Yü), which is usually clumsily translated into “Jade”.

The word is actually defined as “the beautiful stones(石之美者)” in ancient China. As “王” means the king, adding a dot to the king leads to the precious stone the king wears. It’s a general term for many kinds of precious stones, including jades, marbles, agates, which are sometimes symbols of wealth. Women wear jewelleries made of these beautiful stones, while men usually use hang them on their belt. There are different ways to hold the stone with threads, for example drilling on the stone. Chinese knotting(a.k.a Chinese macrames), just like what I did, is one of the best ways to handle the ones which are not suitable for drilling.

The differences between my “thing” and the ancient ones are about the materials:

1. I don’t have any beautifuly stones at all. I have no idea why I use walnut. 😛
2. They usually use satin cords, but I use my crochet cotton for knotting.

Totally weird materials result in something too “Kuso“. I would rather use it as a tool for self-massage than as decoration. ^^
The techniques used in this project are quite simple: a few reef knots (flat knots平结 in Chinese), one of the key knots of general macrames, and a cross knot at the end. Here is a nice English website about Chinese knots.In addition, Ondori published a nice book (ISBN4277490263) of knotting accessories using hemp cords a few years ago. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions in this book. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. That’s a great idea to use a walnut! I think your thing is definitely good enough for decoration and not kuso at all!

    From ccat:
    My husband has already used it for massage 😛

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