Traditions are tough

January 9, 2007 at 11:26 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 2 Comments

flower pig zodiacThe winter break is over, and classes resumed. 😦 I felt a little ashamed that neither my crafting nor study plans were fully carried out. I didn’t make too many plans before the break, however I spent way too much time playing video games. Consequently, I have to work really hard this week on the presentation next week and something else.
I have to finish the papercutting before digging into the 30+-page paper, otherwise it would possible end up in garbage can. This pattern was adapted from a set of traditional Chinese zodiac papercutting. In addition to the pig, there are also a few Prunus mume(a.k.a Mei flower, “梅花” in Chinese, “ウメ”in Japanese), which make the pattern even more Chinese. Actually, the 5-petal frame of this pattern is from the shape of the Mei flower. (Dont be confused this flower with Chimonanthus腊梅). I used to insist every flower has 5 petals in my drawing when I was a kid.

The pattern is really great. Unfortunately, I overestimated myself making it smaller than 8cmX8cm. It’s been one and a half year I have not touch any paper cutting. I am not familiar in any sense with the material, which was just bought last weekend. The cutting became really tough for me. I finally recalled what is the best way to cut the half-moon shapes after I finish it. The details turn out so terrible that I consider this a failure.:-( Hopefully, it could be a nice trial for cutting my favorite pattern.

Updated: my old paper-cutting for comparison:


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  1. Well what is a failure for you would be a nice success for me! I’ve never done any paper cutting and I’m sure if I tried it would be a sorry sight. This design is so pretty, love the cute pig and the flowers.

    Thanks for you compliments. I am totally flattered. 🙂

  2. […] I spent almost 4 hours yesterday cutting this little kid. Fortunately, it looks much better than the pig I cut back in January. And, red is indeed a Chinese […]

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