Sunshine Bikini

January 4, 2007 at 4:01 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Inspirations | 2 Comments

This is the project I mentioned in previous entry. It is finished this afternoon. I guess you already know the hat does not longer exist.

This “suite” was inspired by another bikini from here, which made me believe this yarn is more suitable for summer than for winter. However, I didn’t follow that pattern since the pattern seems to be designed for slim people. I tried to make something more flexible.

Although it is flexible enough to fit people in many sizes, including me, I dont think I will wear it in public unless I manage to loss weight in the future. It is more possible to be some gift.

Now, I’m done with crafting and going to refresh with my school work. Good luck to myself! 😛


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  1. Good job! Wear it and come to Florida beach. I’m waiting for you… 😀

  2. That’s awesome! So beautiful! Actually, I’d never wear that in public either, but if you have a private balcony, it’s so useful for sun-bathing cause the straps are thin and come down so easily…

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