Happy New Year

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Happy New Year~we watched fireworks on new year eve from our kitchen. People from different spots in the town set off quite a lot fireworks continuously. It lasted almost one hour after midnight. It’s very fancy that we didn’t even need to raise our heads to watch every flash burst in the town as our building is on the top of the hill. While watching, Hubby and I shared many firework-related stories from our childhood in the warm kitchen. There are always something money can buy. 🙂

Unexpectedly, I’ve been quite “slow” since new year eve. I am working on a couple of things, including a new craft project, a term paper and a book, at the same time. Besides, I couldn’t get away some other ideas. One is something traditional: zodiac paper-cutting. This year is the year of pig/boar, which can be very easy to cute.

Speaking of paper-cutting, I must mention amaoto, one of my newest founds in flickr. Her paper-cuttings are really beautiful. She can always shape the lines in a smooth way. Her new year piggies are simple but nicely put together.

I would rather cut some patterns more traditional. One of my favorite pig patterns is from a stamp in 1983 (also a year of boar). I am probably going to use it for my cutting.

Did I ever mention my German vocabulary is mainly composed of crafting-related words. I learned one new word today. That is “Scherenschnitt”. Using this word as search key, I found many interesting cutting works, especially in a Fairytale theme. Here are two wonderful website full of nice cuttings.

Heike Müller-Kulski and Karin Dütz

I wish I could speed up a little bit tomorrow. 🙂

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