Butterflies fly around my arm

December 28, 2006 at 5:31 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, All My Sketches, Craft - How-to's | 3 Comments

butterfly bracelet 003Hubby’s laptop has been out of order since last weekend. He tried to fix it, but gave up after disassembling it many times. Now, we are waiting for an subsititute motherboard and have to share one computer. Since his work got much higher priority than my random internet-surfing, I’d rather spend my holidays playing video-games in bed AGAIN: *someone* installed the SNES version of “Wario’s woods” for me. 😛

There comes a problem when I dont have any gaming mood, for example last night and this morning. Then, it is hobby time. Although I feel a little guilty that my term paper as an outline after 1 week, nothing can stop me from crafts. However, all my craft inspirations are stored in my laptop, it’s not so comfortable to doing crafts without it. Thus, it is much easier to do something that has sticked in my head for a long time: a slim crocheted bracelet with butterflies on it.

The butterfly seems to be made separately, while the fact is the entire bracelet is from one single cotton thread and I didn’t cut the thread until I finished. This is exactly what this interested me so much, as I hate using scissors during crocheting.

The pattern of the band part can still be improved. I am only satisfied with the butterflies. Here is the pattern for the small butterflies.

BTW: another thing I did when the laptop is N/A is sketching. 🙂

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