Wario’s Rabbit (1.5cm)

December 25, 2006 at 4:52 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 2 Comments

wario's rabbit 1.5cm

wario’s rabbit 1.5cm,
originally uploaded by ccyytt.

Yesterday was my video-gaming day. Actually, I only played one game. At the end, before we went for party, I finished Wario’s woods(NES) round games in both modes. 😀 It’s kind of released for both of us as I dont occupy the game console any more.

After I finished the games, I couldn’t help thinking about making one of the creatures in Wario’s woods. It easily got the first position in the my craft project list.

In order to spare my *precious* felt, I made it very small. My original sketch was set to 2cm high, while it turns out to be only 1.5cm. I must be very careful to sew the pieces together. It also took me a while to place the ears until hubby approve it.
I can’t find any sources about what it is. It’s only mentioned as “creatures”. But I believe it is some variant of rabbits. That’s why I gave it a little short tail, which is no more than 2mm long. 😀

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