Let it snow (in blue)!

December 22, 2006 at 9:46 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - How-to's, Craft - Websites | 3 Comments

blue snowflakesIt’s said we are going to have a little snow after Xmas. In other words, it’s hardly possible for us to have a white Xmas this year. Actually, I dont really care as I have already had all Xmas’s in white in last few years. Believe it or not, I even had a white Xmas in Shanghai once.

Having experirenced quite a few snowstorms, I am no longer a big fan of snow as I was a kid. Even though, snowflake patterns are still among my favorites. Speaking of patterns, I am quite conservative about the shape of snowflakes. It must consist 6 points from my point of view. I cannot bear seeing so-called “5-point snowflake”, which is absolutely unnatural!

My Xmas break finally starts after the colloquim. Crocheting some snowflakes is the first thing that came to my mind. There are so many snowflake crochet patterns all around. I simply picked 3 that I like best.

From left to right:

Lacy snowflake by Julie A. Bolduc , Picot snowflake by Priscilla Hewitt and Triple crochet snowflake (my favorite among the 3)

I still have some white cotton threads left, but I chose blue ones so as to be consistent with the previous paper snowflake. To make my Xmas even “bluer“, I also made myself a small doily with the same thread although I have no idea what to do with it. 😛



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  1. Thanks for the links!

  2. Anyone have the triple crochet snowflake directions? The link is not working.


  3. […] взяла отсюда, отсюда. Тут — вообще интересный рукодельный сайт, […]

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