Work in progress…..

December 10, 2006 at 7:24 pm | Posted in All My WIP, Misc. | Leave a comment


When I was working on my assignment today, there are always something tempting me , such as snacks, TV, internet….and crafts!

My brain jumped out of schoolworks right after I finished the 1.5-hour presentation on last Thursday. I’ve been “sleepwalking” since then. I spent at least two and a half evening playing a naive video game. Finally I realize today that I have to do something for the assignment before the weekend is over.

As I was not in a good mood doing anything but playing videogames, I didn’t do much crafting as I expected before the presentation either. However, I started a project before I fell into video games again. *shy*

Hopefully, this will be the present for Jenniffer’s party…..

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