Granny’s hexagon

November 19, 2006 at 10:02 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books, Craft - Misc | 6 Comments

granny's hexagon

Eventually, I finished this project today before noon. I felt sort of released. It is because not only this project has been in progress for almost 1 month, but also these two balls of yarns are finally used up although it is a little sad that I am not sure if I can get any new yarn as cute as these two.:P

It is a two-way shawl. It can as simple as a cozy scarf as well as a small shrug. I first found this kind of cute shawl from a Japanese knitting bookボレロ・ショール・ケープ(Bolero, shawl, caple), which is just released by the publisher of Cotton friend in last month. ISBN4-8347-2462-X. No wonder this shawl is not really unique. Such shawls have more and more appearance in new books recently. In fact, this simple shawl is worth trying.

3way shawl

But I dont wanna copy it. First, I wanted to be more creative. Second, I didnt think I had enough yarns and buying new yarns didn’t sound right to me. Hence, I decided to combine this shawl with another tentative plan: Granny’s Hexagon.

Right, it’s hexagon, not square! When I was crocheting the blanket back in September, I cannot help thinking the relations between Granny’s squre and Grandmother’s flower garden. Basically, both of them are classical craft pattern. However, they are so different at the same time. One’s motif is a square, and the other’s is a hexagon. Certainly, granny’s square is crochet pattern and flower garden is for patchwork quilts. Then, my immediate thought is whether it is possible to crochet some hexagonal motif similar to Granny’s square. I sketched a little for this crochet hexagon at the moment. I have considered many possible projects to apply this pattern and the shawl is the best fit.

I don’t have much yarn left. The two balls of yarn (100g each?) were bought in a sale in March. I have used them in almost every project that needs yarns: the cellphone purse, the amigurumi cat, the bracelet, the DC purse, the snail and the calendarbook cover. As a result, I was worried about whether it is enough while crocheting this shawl. In the end, I have to disassemble the little snail to finish the shawl. It is definitely “use what I have“. Lucky me and poor snail……

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