Cold winter and warm books

November 2, 2006 at 11:15 pm | Posted in Craft - Blogs, Craft - Books, Craft - People, Craft - Websites, Misc. | 4 Comments

It’s freezing cold. Yesterday we stayed at our highly heated apartment during the whole day, thereby the low temperature this morning is absolutely a surpise for me. It is torturing while waiting for bus this morning. 😦 Shivering in the wind, I tried distracting myself by thinking something warm. And a scarf is what I needed! I am working on a crochet project using my leftover yarns recently. If the yarns are not enough for my original plan, I might make it a scarf.

There was another thing in my mind: knitting. Although I have been struggling with the idea for a while, it is just not easy to pick up something that were given up 10 years ago. The idea became even more tempting after I accidently read two wonderful knitting books from Nicky Epstein.

Knitting on the edge Knitting over the edge

It’s the first time I realize that knitting can be so diverse and so interesting. Especially the second book introduced many unusual lovely embellishment designs. Except the roses on the cover, my favorite design is the cute blue scarf. It must be my first project, if I start knitting again.
cord scraf

Sable stasher has posted a few excerpt pages of Knitting over the edge.

The interesting thing is Nicky Epstein has a new book coming out at the end of this month and the title is Knitting beyond the edge. on->over->beyond->….what will be the next?:-D


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  1. God, I love it too when I saw it last week, then decided to knit it.

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  3. […] One of the reasons for me to pick up knitting needles again is Nicky Epstein’s beautiful books, remember? Yesterday I finally get my hands on one simple rose from her. Due to the unusual color […]

  4. […] and then sewn together. Nicky Epstein used this sewing tricks a lot in this book. I did it after one year. I chose my favorite yarn for this project, but the collar is a little disappointing. Perhaps my […]

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