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October 22, 2006 at 2:33 pm | Posted in Craft - Books, Craft - Websites | 2 Comments

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Although I had actually planned two projects for this halloween since July (as I was quite free at that moment), I only managed to make the little ghost so far. There are still a few days, but I dont think it’s possible for me to start&finish another project in 1 week. 😦 However, I am sort of compensated by the above picture from Akkyun. The purple gown is just perfect for such a lovely witch. :-)I love purple, and I love witch. That’s why I love this stamp so much.

The most popular craftbooks of rubber stamps from Japan, such Hankoya Shokado‘s and komagomaya‘s, are usually showing monochromical patterns. In that case, readers and authors may focus more on carving techniques than on colors/inks. In fact, there is another “style”. Yamada Yasuyuk is typically working in this way.

He has two books (ISBN4331510727 and 4837306284 respectively) published by some “not-so-famous” publishers, which is the reason I think he is not as popular as Hankoya Shokado and Komagomaya. I especially love the cover of latter one(Rubber stamping of four seasons). He used close colors to produce layers with simple stamps. The results are amazing! I would rather call it painting instead of stamp carving. Check his photo albums on livedoor for more of his stamped pictures. I really want to have some of his (fake) post-stamps.

BTW: Cuebee have produce probably the cutest stamp bookplates(Ex Libris) I’ve ever seen. Dont miss her/his (post)stamps there either!


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  1. Hi there!

    My name is Adrian, and my husband and I go to college in Phoenix, Arizona. (US) I was just browsing looking for pictures of pendants and I found your blog.

    I absolutely love the calendar book you made. I just got into book binding, and I do know a little bit how to crochet. Do you have a pattern that I can follow so I can make my own crochet calendar like you did? Also I love the cat pot holders. And I did check out the site for that red pendant in Canada. Its great!

    I probably should not give in to my ADD but I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi,

      There was no pattern for the calendar book cover. I whipped it up myself. I would love to prepare the pattern for it when I have time. I’ll let you know if the pattern is ready.

      Best, Tracy

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