Calendarbook for the new academic year

October 18, 2006 at 9:26 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 6 Comments

It’s another difference between Canada and Germany. I could always have a few choices of free calendarbooks at the beginning of an academic year in Canada, while it is not the case in Germany. In fact, I sort of have been used to such an “organized” study because of those nice free calendar books. (My favorite was always the one from the graduate school of my last university every year.) I am going to take 5 or 6 courses this semester and I am already messed up by tons of trival things before the semester ever start. It seems a calendarbook is already a must-have accessory for me (for my study).

There are some calendar books in book stores, stationery stores and even department stores. Usually the price is much nicer than the product. And mostly they are designed for year 2007. What should I do in the last 3 months of 2006 if I get such a book? After a few searches around downtown, I decided to make my own calendar book.

I spent half an hour after lunch for 3 days working on print-out pages with MS Word. Alignment is a little difficult for typesetting on both sides, especially when I chose to print every two pages together. I believe there must be a better/more professional way to handle the printer of a brand I never heard about. However, I ended up with the simplest, probably the most stupid, way. Here are the pages I used.

All the efforts I made for the “alignments” were ruined by the mistake I made during the binding. I cut half of the pages “a little” too much so that the inside of the book looks not so symmetric.

I think this could make my book “unique” (what a good excuse), so I didn’t correct them. 😛

As for the cover, I used a piece of transparent plastic (I dunno how to call that stuff, which is usually used for making slides) and a piece of nice white cardstock with texture on it. ^^ Blank is too boring. That’s why I filled it with my amateurish painting….It was inspired by Jerry’s words about cats sitting on roof at night as well as another friend’s MSN icon. It turned out the cardstock is not friendly for watercolor…..I sort of failed to get the dark colors that I expected. Anyway, the painting did entertain myself. 🙂

No, no, it is not finished yet. Hubby warned me about the sharp corners of cover pages when he helped me with the binding. Then, I feel like I MUST give the book a nice nice cover. Well, fabric bookcovers are something TOO popular around the world. There are even craftbooks specialized for bookcovers in Japan. I choose crochet myself a cover with my favorite yarns. ^^ Moreover, it’s consonant with my cellphone cover and my DC cover. All the covers are my own design. 🙂

Now, I have a totally new calendar book. I would never worry about my crazy schedule again. Temporary memory lost wont hurt any more. 😛

BTW. It will be my first entry of whiplash (ACCESSORIES) for the design category.

whipup 🙂

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