Busy week

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It has been quite a busy week. Hubby got a new paper deadline to meet right after he came back. He works over time almost everyday. Same on my side. I got some extra job tasks to finish before classes start next week. Besides, I got some extra housework too!

We picked “a little” chestnuts near our building on Unity day, when shopping is not a choice as no store is open. We have actually learned a little biology lesson, i.e. the difference between sweet chestnuts and poisonous ones. We are lucky enough to have a good one so close.:-D In fact, the chestnut tree we found on campus is not good at all.

The chestnut one the left is a sweet chestnut, good for eat. You can see a short white flower tail on its bottom, which is not on the bad ones. On the other side, the ugly green fruit and the nut on the right are horse-chestnuts, which are poisonous, not fatal poisonous though.

As I have said a month ago, I have been waiting for chestnut picking season since I arrive here. However, those chestnuts also lead imply toublesome processing. I tried every “convenient” method I found online to take off the shells, but my thumbnail really hurts just after I finished less than half of them. 😦

As for crafts, I finally managed to start and finish my apron. It’s from the jean shirt I got from fleamarket last month. I tried to preserve as many elements from the shirt as I can, such as the V-shape seams on the back and the front of shirt, the seams on the shoulder, the bottons and botton-holes and the sleeves, of course. In that case, I can sew much less. As a result, the apron looks a little abnormal, however, it fits me very well. It doesn’t fit hubby, which he said it was a good thing (a good reason for him to be away from kitchen-.-).

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1. The V-shape on the front of apron, and was on the back of the shirt.
2. How the apron is tied with button and button hole, which were also a part of the shirt.
3. The band I can adjust around my neck, using the top pair of button/hole on the shirt. This part, the apron and the belts were cut as a whole.
4. I added a short band to make a “good shape”.
5. The pocket was the front piece of the shirt, I just loved adding some asymmetric elements to my apron. The small pocket remains where I was. I am going to use it to keep some cheat recipe sheets. 😀 And the big one is for the pair of sleeve covers, which were originally sleeves of the shirt.

Yeah, now I have an apron and sleeve covers, and I am definitely ready for more dirty housework…..:-P

Have a nice Moon-cake festival! 🙂

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