Party night

September 28, 2006 at 12:02 am | Posted in Food | 1 Comment

I had a great time having “Italian” dinner at my friends’ place tonight. Now, I’m just too full to sleep. 😛

I brought some mini palmier puff pastries I made this afternoon. German friends told me they might call it “pig ears”. It’s called “butterfly crisp”(蝴蝶酥) in Chinese, which I like much more. 😀 I was always pleased when getting the fresh “butterflies” coming out from the bakery in university a few years ago.

It’s not so easy making the pastries with our mini oven (similar to this), which can only hold two pieces of regular toaster. I can only bake 6-8 pieces every time due to the limited space. Besides, I have to watch the oven every 5 min to make sure the pastries are evenly baked but not over-cooked. Anyway, the result is not too bad and I dont think I will make them so frequently.

I put the most symmetrical one on an 8-inch plate, then you can see how small it is. Just for no more than 2 bites!

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  1. […] The package of pastry has been in my fridge since we held a party at our appartment almost 1 month ago.  It was quite hard for me to bake more palmiers in past few weeks.  The expiration date is the end of this week so that I was forced to consume the pastry before the date. I made some easier jam pastries, which are much larger than my palmiers.  And the folding is more tricky and funnier than that of palmier. […]

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