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I was quite surprised that I found something from a Brazilian blog. My name was not stated in the magazine, thereby some people thought it was by a Japanese. I actually start wondering if it’s really my work….kind of weired feelings…:D

Come on, the coins in the picture are all Canadian….how can it be from Japan, even it’s inspired by some Japanese traditional crafts? The inspiration was from a online excerpt of some Japanese book about traditional crafts using Kimono fabrics, but not from the website introduced in the magazine. Honestly, how a craft is inspired is what most Chinese readers of that magazine don’t care about. Anyway, the excerpt is from the book “traditional crafts from silk crepe“, ISBN 4-7662-0271-6. It’s clear enough to disclose the secret of roses. Check the website by Japan Toy Museum for more traditional Japanese crafts. I wish there could be more improved Chinese traditional crafts out there.

I drew detailed sketches on paper and the person who appears on the page transfer the sketches to vector pictures. It’s really strange seeing people following my instructions so precisely to make such a rose pouch. As a matter of fact, the size were all measured after the pouch is finished and the pieces of petals were counted at the same time. The size of the pouch is same as lid of 1-kg peanut butter bottle from Kraft. And the bias tape was as wide as my ruler. You know, it’s always my way to do crafting. The petals are ready-cut 2″ cotton squares from a set I got from ebay. It’s possible to use any shapes of scraps for the petals and I just happened to have some squares of such size. And, as a result of the fixed size of those squares and the amount of squares I have (I only have 7 squares of the last kind at that moment), I put those numbers of petals on each layer.Moreover, I made a tape for holding keys, because I was also considering a key pouch project when I made this rose pouch.

That is how it looks like before I sew the zip on, almost 3 weeks before I started my key pouch.

Aw, it has been almost 2 years…..I always took only a few coins and my keys with me to “shop” in the grocerystore on du Fort at that time. It would be very convenient to have something for both of them. That’s why the pouch ended up to have these functions even though I didn’t make it for myself (freak logic:-P). There is something even more weird. The color theme of this pouch is determined by the fabrics I used for bias tape, but not by the petal squares. It was from an abandoned pajama. I spent a few hours making a long bias-tape with my roommate’s iron and I had to use it somewhere.

It’s definitely not my style, so pink and so girly. It’s one of the reasons I request my name not to appear. Another reason is I dont think it’s original enough. I didn’t keep the pouch. Instead, I gave it to my lovely little niece who is crazy about pink, flowers and being princess. Happy ending for everyone! 🙂


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  1. interesting watermarks and name,:),so it was from kaka? Anyway,just entertain yourself,:)

  2. right, it’s from KAKA

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