Ready for winter

September 24, 2006 at 2:13 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 3 Comments

I finally finished this blanket, which is warm and soft. It’s so comfortable to have my legs covered when watching TV in living room. It’s actually large enough to cover knees of both of us.

The pattern is relatively simple, simple enough for me to crochet “blindly” sometime. It’s sort of large granny square, though I didn’t check online patterns of granny square before I started. It’s not so hard to figure it out without any written patterns. Usually granny square consists only 4-6 rounds and small squares are joined together to form a blanket/afghans. It needs cutting,(yarn) changing and fastening all the time. All these would distract me from watching TV. Thus, I decided to make it large and only to change yarns every few rounds. I also give the last round a little curve, telling myself it is the end for it. 😛

It isn’t too bad, is it?


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  1. […] Right, it’s hexagon, not square! When I was crocheting the blanket back in September, I cannot help thinking the relations between Granny’s squre and Grandmother’s flower garden. Basically, both of them are classical craft pattern. However, they are so different at the same time. One’s motif is a square, and the other’s is a hexagon. Certainly, granny’s square is crochet pattern and flower garden is for patchwork quilts. Then, my immediate thought is whether it is possible to crochet some hexagonal motif similar to Granny’s square. I sketched a little for this crochet hexagon at the moment. I have considered many possible projects to apply this pattern and the shawl is the best fit. […]

  2. […] he got it right. That’s when many people asked about OUT-OF-DOMAIN data and I need to dig out my blanket, which has totally different uses and is in totally different size. He can still figure it out. […]

  3. I love your crochet blanket. I am working on a square now which I have just decided to make into an afghan. Hope mine ends up straight and even like yours. Great job!!

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