Good luck, bad luck

September 19, 2006 at 4:45 pm | Posted in All My Sketches, All My WIP, Misc. | 1 Comment

Yeah, I am sort of fatalistic, believing there is always something bad coming when something really good happened to me. It’s proved true again.

It took me just half an hour (including the waiting time!) to have my visa extended for two years. Afterward, hubby and me went to the bank for my blocked debitcard. The lady from the branch is so nice finding some other problems in our account and having fixed them all. At this moment, it’s too much for me…..

Just a few hours later I found out I cannot upload any pictures to flickr! It said 100% of my limit is used. It’s so weird I haven’t uploaded any pictures since last Thursday when only 1% had been used. I was so happy with flickr and actually started considering a Pro account someday. Now, it’s no longer on my wish list any more. 😦

Let’s forget about the bad things and talk about my recent projects.

I did some painting last night. I tried to paint some fancy fishes but they turned out to be like cooked. >othe frame I got the other day and hanged on the wall. The existing nail on the wall appears to be too high over there, but I’m just too lazy to find a new one.:-P

As for my crocheted blanket, it’s already over 60cm x 60cm after I watched the fourth episode of Prison Break. The picture below shows how it looks like right now. My goal’s to make it at least 1m x 1m. I hope I have enough yarn for it.

P.S. on Sept 20, my flickr is recovered, but I haven’t got any explanations yet.

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