Miranda, the funky butterfly

September 8, 2006 at 5:29 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 1 Comment

I actually crocheted two butterflies yesterday. I didn’t show the second one because it was considered as a WIP project.

And, it’s finished today. It’s a butterfly fairy with funky hairdo. Her name is Miranda. The name is from one of my favorite female roles, even though this doll does not looks like her at all. Probably she is as smart as Miranda Hobbes. 😛

Her pattern is the same as Lilac‘s. The body was sewed at the time I made Lilac. A lot of people were wonderring that, as a fairy, why Lilac does not have wings. I didn’t tell them I was going to make one with wings. In my own imaginations, fairies are of various kinds, e.g. flower fairies , butterfly fairies, etc, and flower fairies stay with the flowers they belong to. Then, my idea of butterfly fairies is a wise little lady flying around with her beautiful wings, like Miranda. 😀 You can see she is staying with other butterflies. ^^

The pieces of fabrics have been stuffed in my tool case for almost 2 months. I have no idea whether the crease on her face was there before or not. I only found out until I turned the right side out. Then, I was too lazy to fix it. Further, I should be able to hide this crease on the back….but I DID neglect it when I did the dress…..Maybe she is just supposed to be like this. 😛

I love trying different techniques every time I make a doll. This time I gave Miranda blue hairs in a funky way and also drew her face in a humourous manner. She is not pretty, but she is special enough for others to remember her. 😛

Look how different Miranda looks from Lilac!

BTW: I have been so disappointed by recently MOS. And, I believe I am not the only one. The entries are getting less and less every month. Now, there are even less entries in this August than the first MOS back in November 2004. There are thousands of pictures in the flickr pool, nevertheless lots of them are unrelated to any themes. On the other hand, the previous few themes are also less interesting…..they are not inspiring, at least for me. I might love the old themes before MOS moved to flickr too much……

Anyway, have a nice weekend, everyone!


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  1. your dolls are wonderful! i just started to learn crochet and wow the butterfly is fantastic.

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