Flower pin from scrap fabrics

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It was great fun combining green and yellow together when I was coloring the leaves yesterday. The coloring page reminded me of the small scraps I had. Some of them are dark green, usually my last choice in my project. This time it’s the first choice…..sort of to get rid of….:P

Still in a “mini” mood, i.e. mood of small projects. Accordingly, the series of flower pins posted by Tatalina readily leads me to my own flower pin.

This flower pin is inspired by a crochet pattern from Annie’s Attic. Annie’s Attic has a section “FREE pattern of the day” and this exceptional crocheted flower was from that section back to more than 3 months ago. As I didn’t notice the pattern would be expired at the moment I found it, I just save the link in my bookmarks. It has gone when I checked the link the second time. 😦

The only thing I can found is the picture left in my temporary directory, nevertheless it’s enough to understand its structure. Counting stitches is my weakness, hence I’ve been considering to transfer it to a fabric flower for a while. This idea came up as soon as I decided to make a flower pin. The result is not too bad…I will post the tutorial tomorrow if the wireless connection is still working…:(

“Kid stuff”

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Swamp Iris
It’s the Assumption Day (Mariä Himmelfahrt, Maria’s passage to the heaven), a public holiday in Germany. Public holiday means closed stores, quiet streets. I always miss Montreal during such holidays……

It was lightly raining outside when we got up this morning. Apparently we need to stay at home again. Fortunately I was well prepared and spent the morning coloring. ^^

I asked hubby to copy a few pages of flowers for me yesterday, and told him that’s for drawing. His response is “oh, coloring, what kids do”. Yeah, the pages are actually from Dover’s coloring book American Wild Flowers.

I like colors, but I always have a hard time to catch the shapes without any drawing training. The outlines take me so long that I might have lost interests before playing with the colors. Therefore, coloring books are certainly something I can enjoy. I used to spend over one month on one single picture, and it took me only one morning this time.

I wish I could embroider flowers, as most flowers in this book can be easily transferred to embroidery patterns. It must be beautiful if the swamp iris can be embroidered in the traditional Chinese way.

Sibayo’s Tutorial

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I have no idea about the first tutorial from Sibayo and Cotton friend. However, their 2nd cooperation is available online. The tutorial is very clear and easy to follow in spite of the embroidery sewing machine.


Among all the fashion dolls I’ve seen, Jenny dolls got my favorite shape. This picture is a useful reference for making cloth “fashion” dolls. Espeically for who prefers 1:10 shapes…..^^

Mini crochet projects in weekend

August 13, 2006 at 11:48 am | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books | 2 Comments

It was my shopping day yesterday. We went to the department stores in downtown. (It’s said) I spent 40 min touching the fabrics in the store but bought nothing. They’ve got the right linens I was looking for….20€/meter, obviously far from what I can afford. 😦

After 4 hours around craft materials and electronics, both of us were exhausted. Therefore, we stayed at home instead of going to flea market today. I did a little crocheting, while E is absorbed in his RPG.

This pattern is very unusual. It looks like 3 parts, but it’s actually made as a complete ring. It’s similar to making a knot with a wide ribbon. This little triangle is supposed to be a small dishcloth for cleaning glass cups. I would rather use it as an ornament, say on my knapsack. ^^ This small flower is much easier than the triangle. According to E, this looks better than the triangle too.

Both patterns are from the Japanese mook(magazine-like book) 魔法のタワシ (総集編Part2)(The Magical Dishcloth ISBN 4834764028).

There is a cute design of whale sponge in this book that I also want to try.

Carved a little, played a lot

August 11, 2006 at 1:22 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Blogs | 2 Comments

It’s only 15°C (15°C actually means frosty in my hometown, but hubby told me it’s still summer here-.-) this noon, raining outside…..it’s good for sleep and a little crafting project: 2 small stamps, 1cm*1cm each.

I stayed in bed until 11AM*^_^* and started my little project after breakfast. The inspiration came from a glance of an old Japanese rubber carving blog last year. (Luckily I finally found the link before posting.) ^^ This idea stuck in my head irresistiblly.

Basically, this project is to carve a simple animal head without face. No wonder cat is my first choice. I dunno why I made a bear head also. Since the goal is to be simple, design and carving took less than 30 min.

The best part has not yet come! I drew 10 cat faces and 10 bear faces in 3 min. It’s so much fun! I think it can be use to express moods in journal. ^^

Of course, I can make much more cute faces, but what I have to do right now is to hide the new stamps and leave for grocery. 😛

Crochet bracelet revisited

August 10, 2006 at 9:34 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 78 Comments

Another reason I stoped crafting is I had something in progress. It’s always difficult for me to start a new project without finishing the old one, unless I already give up working on it.

Ms. C and I talked about making patterns last week and the conversation reminded me I still got a crochet pattern to clear up. On an early morning a few days later, I was in such a grateful “calculating” mood that I had enjoyed a moment of drawing crochet stitches. However, there was not enough time for me to finish examing the pattern before the day actually began (hubby got up:-P).

The bracelet is done today. It just means I start another project later, but doesn’t mean I finish the pattern. The fact is……I changed a few parts while I was crocheting, and I want to modify even more, for example, using sc instead of dc. Anyway, I’m available for new projects NOW! haha~

BTW. am I gaining weight? My hands looks bigger than before…..:-(

Wario time

August 9, 2006 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Craft - How-to's, Craft - Inspirations | 1 Comment

Not in a crafty mood recently…..coz I’m devoted to Warioland, a few video games from Nintendo.

I had occupied hubby’s new GP2X playing “Super Mario Bros.” for almost 1 week.

People can finish Super Mario in 5 minutes, however game dummies like me need 5 days!
Last week hubby lost his patience and finally installed a GB emulator on my laptop for me so as to keep me away from GP2X.:-D

Wario is called the “bad Mario” in Chinese. Warioland is much more fun for me than Super Mario. (Gotta find out why I always prefer the bad guys.-.-) Having finished Warioland 4, I started looking for related crafts.

by Anna Chambers

There are not much works about Wario. This Wario plush and some other characters were found in a flickr set I am 8-Bit Opening Night. And I also got a peek at a funny cosplay of Wario.

Mario still gets more fans, but at least Wario is more famous than Luigi(Mario’s younger brother) and has his own games.^^ Kotaku blogged a lot about Mario. The bathroom Mario wall painting is my favorite.

And Tammy has made such a gorgeous Mario pixel quilt. The design process of this quilt is also inspiring for other types of craft design, for example, x-stitches. The mushroom quilt(made by a man!) and Luigi quilt from flickr are also beautiful.

Mario and the other characters can be easily transformed to pixel-form, so they can be made with Pixelblocks, tin cans and Rubik’s cubes! Similarly, they can be nice knitting patterns and decoration on jeans. For the baking gurus, making Mario cookies and cakes might be the better choices.

Ok….I will be playing Warioland 2 in the rest of this week…but not crafting…haha

20th Cotton friend

August 8, 2006 at 1:42 pm | Posted in Craft - Books, Craft - Websites | Leave a comment

The 20th Cotton Friend is already out. Yukiko Naruse also made a doll for the special edition….the laciest ever….-.- I prefer her handmade zakkas to the famous dolls.

Another 2 books were also published for celebrating this special edition. One is ステッチBOOK(Stitch Book) and another one is ソーイングBOOK(Sewing Book). I especially like the “conventional” flowery embroidery pincushion and the antique woodbox on the cover of “Stitch BOOK”….coz the flower is PURPLE! ^^

komagomayaこま けいこ also has a new book coming out this month too. It’s her 3rd(or 4th?) book. The book may be about applying stamps onto cloth. Her works are quite inpiring. Maybe my next project should be rubber stamp carving. ^^

Using ribbons

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Ribbons are usually something too girlish and too extravagant for me. However, I have to admit ribbons are especially useful for tiny decorations, say little pins.

Clube de Artesanato have a collection of various applications of ribbon. Even making ribbon knots/bows can be instructed so technically and in so much details.^^

I don’t do ribbon embroidery either. What I knew about ribbon embroidery are just boring luxariant bouquets. Kazuko Aoki‘s book リボン刺しゅう―花とハーブをステッチ (Ribbon embroidery of flowers and herbs, ISBN 4277370012) shows me that I was wrong.

The simple waving design for the bedroom sets is just the best ribbon embroidery I’ve ever seen. Yeah, Kazuko Aoki(青木和子) makes not only flowers and herbs but also many other brilliant patterns. No wonder she is the most popular embroiderer in Japan.

btw: There is a Chinese embroiderer who used to said her “Japanese” name is 青木和子 so that a lot of Chinese crafters dont know Kazuko Aoki is actually a famous Japanese embroiderer. That Chinese girl also uses “tiny garden” in the url and title of her website. Most her early works are copying Kazuko Aoki’s pattern. She provides download for Japanese patterns but claim copyright there. What a shame!

Patchwork board games

August 5, 2006 at 8:36 pm | Posted in Craft - Inspirations, Craft - Websites | 2 Comments

Let’s continue the topic of patchworks.

I prefer interesting patchwork applications to quilts, wall-hangings and any other time-consuming projects. And I found something quite amazing today: the Ludo board game from Eva-Patch

Ludo is quite similar to Uckers, which I guess is the prototype of the aviation board game in China (飞行棋).

There are so many types of board games. Some could spell funny projects. I used to make a quilted “meow” Othello/Reversi game set. Maybe it’s time to try some other games. ^^

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