Taiwan “Campo”

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I seldom talked about Chinese craftsters, especially those from Taiwan. As a matter of fact, I dont really know much about Taiwan crafts. My old-time impressions about Taiwan craftsters are the “patchworkers” (most of them are not making quilts) like Ann(I still think she is one of the best patchworker in Taiwan:)) and the soft toy makers like Jarlin.

Taiwan crafts are definitely much more than that, but I just never knew! I might have spent too much time exploring the websites in languages I dont know. What a pity I am! It’s not too late to start the new exploration now though. My spare time in the last few days is all about Taiwan! 😛

Above all, I want to introduce the sweet softies by Amy. My favorites of her creations are the amigurumi bee and the sock snowman. It’s exactly what people call “unbearable cuteness”. ^^

Art markets are regularly organized in Taiwan. They called it “创意市集”(Market of ideas) and refered it as a Campo in English, I guess. Such a “market” is actually a collection of arts, including crafts, photographs, illustrations and many other types (even dramas!). Check out the links under the word “創作” from campolive, and you can find websites/blogs of fabulous creations.

StreetVoice and another blog have got links to some other craftsters. It’s a little tricky to figure that way out. If you dont read Chinese, just test any links randomly and you’ll get SURPRISE.

Please dont blame if you cannot afford this much new links in one single day, and good luck!:-D

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