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August 15, 2006 at 11:48 am | Posted in All My Sketches | 2 Comments

Swamp Iris
It’s the Assumption Day (Mariä Himmelfahrt, Maria’s passage to the heaven), a public holiday in Germany. Public holiday means closed stores, quiet streets. I always miss Montreal during such holidays……

It was lightly raining outside when we got up this morning. Apparently we need to stay at home again. Fortunately I was well prepared and spent the morning coloring. ^^

I asked hubby to copy a few pages of flowers for me yesterday, and told him that’s for drawing. His response is “oh, coloring, what kids do”. Yeah, the pages are actually from Dover’s coloring book American Wild Flowers.

I like colors, but I always have a hard time to catch the shapes without any drawing training. The outlines take me so long that I might have lost interests before playing with the colors. Therefore, coloring books are certainly something I can enjoy. I used to spend over one month on one single picture, and it took me only one morning this time.

I wish I could embroider flowers, as most flowers in this book can be easily transferred to embroidery patterns. It must be beautiful if the swamp iris can be embroidered in the traditional Chinese way.


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  1. wow!this is beautiful!!

  2. […] watercolor, but it’s not too bad to do such a quick painting before breakfast. It was almost 1 year ago that I looked into this coloring book last time. 1 year is probably the average length of the  […]

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