Wario time

August 9, 2006 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Craft - How-to's, Craft - Inspirations | 1 Comment

Not in a crafty mood recently…..coz I’m devoted to Warioland, a few video games from Nintendo.

I had occupied hubby’s new GP2X playing “Super Mario Bros.” for almost 1 week.

People can finish Super Mario in 5 minutes, however game dummies like me need 5 days!
Last week hubby lost his patience and finally installed a GB emulator on my laptop for me so as to keep me away from GP2X.:-D

Wario is called the “bad Mario” in Chinese. Warioland is much more fun for me than Super Mario. (Gotta find out why I always prefer the bad guys.-.-) Having finished Warioland 4, I started looking for related crafts.

by Anna Chambers

There are not much works about Wario. This Wario plush and some other characters were found in a flickr set I am 8-Bit Opening Night. And I also got a peek at a funny cosplay of Wario.

Mario still gets more fans, but at least Wario is more famous than Luigi(Mario’s younger brother) and has his own games.^^ Kotaku blogged a lot about Mario. The bathroom Mario wall painting is my favorite.

And Tammy has made such a gorgeous Mario pixel quilt. The design process of this quilt is also inspiring for other types of craft design, for example, x-stitches. The mushroom quilt(made by a man!) and Luigi quilt from flickr are also beautiful.

Mario and the other characters can be easily transformed to pixel-form, so they can be made with Pixelblocks, tin cans and Rubik’s cubes! Similarly, they can be nice knitting patterns and decoration on jeans. For the baking gurus, making Mario cookies and cakes might be the better choices.

Ok….I will be playing Warioland 2 in the rest of this week…but not crafting…haha


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  1. 罐头那个太壮观了,那个不织布玩偶也很好玩啊,你什么时候做一个送我吧,hehe

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