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Ribbons are usually something too girlish and too extravagant for me. However, I have to admit ribbons are especially useful for tiny decorations, say little pins.

Clube de Artesanato have a collection of various applications of ribbon. Even making ribbon knots/bows can be instructed so technically and in so much details.^^

I don’t do ribbon embroidery either. What I knew about ribbon embroidery are just boring luxariant bouquets. Kazuko Aoki‘s book リボン刺しゅう―花とハーブをステッチ (Ribbon embroidery of flowers and herbs, ISBN 4277370012) shows me that I was wrong.

The simple waving design for the bedroom sets is just the best ribbon embroidery I’ve ever seen. Yeah, Kazuko Aoki(青木和子) makes not only flowers and herbs but also many other brilliant patterns. No wonder she is the most popular embroiderer in Japan.

btw: There is a Chinese embroiderer who used to said her “Japanese” name is 青木和子 so that a lot of Chinese crafters dont know Kazuko Aoki is actually a famous Japanese embroiderer. That Chinese girl also uses “tiny garden” in the url and title of her website. Most her early works are copying Kazuko Aoki’s pattern. She provides download for Japanese patterns but claim copyright there. What a shame!

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