Patchwork board games

August 5, 2006 at 8:36 pm | Posted in Craft - Inspirations, Craft - Websites | 2 Comments

Let’s continue the topic of patchworks.

I prefer interesting patchwork applications to quilts, wall-hangings and any other time-consuming projects. And I found something quite amazing today: the Ludo board game from Eva-Patch

Ludo is quite similar to Uckers, which I guess is the prototype of the aviation board game in China (飞行棋).

There are so many types of board games. Some could spell funny projects. I used to make a quilted “meow” Othello/Reversi game set. Maybe it’s time to try some other games. ^^



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  1. […] collecting the same type of lids  for a few months last year  since I started to  consider a board game project. Although there are so many choices, I ended up with the simplest one. *blush* Here comes a […]

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    I appreciate your help. I tried the common sense way by searching google and can’t seem to find anything with any value to it and mainly I want the top rss I can find, but really one site so far.

    Also, I don’t see an rss feed for this forum. Do you have a rss? If so I would like to subscribe! Your forum seems pretty cool so added ya’ to my favorites.



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