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Jerry and I discussed the “diversity” of handmade dolls a few days ago. People with different backgrounds are making different dolls. Some like classical dresses, say Victorian, while some always dress their dolls with the most stylish suites.

As for myself, I usually copy my friends’ outfit or what I see on the street for my dolls. For instance, Jo’s tshirt, white jeans, the black shoes and her little purse are all inspired by one of my Korean classmates. But, it doesn’t mean I dont like those beautiful old-time gowns. The historical fashion is what I am unfamiliar with. I dont think I can ever tell the difference b/w Jacobean and Recoco…..Never! Besides, the classical dresses are always too completed for me. Most of them has more than 1 layers, and sometimes tons of laces or a lot of bead embroidery are neccessary for decoration. T(research of historical styles)+T(implementation) >> T(my limit). Well, my time limit for making a doll is 2-3 days, and no more than 1 week…..

Although historical dolls wouldn’t be part of my doll projects, I am still willing to get some knowledges of all-time fashion. One of the best resources are the paper dolls. Dont get me wrong. I’m not talking about those naive paper dolls made for little babies but more professional ones, particularly the paper doll series published by Dover.

You can take a look of some pictures online.
1. Random sample
2. Celebrities
3. Fashions
4. Marilyn Monroe
5. Fill stars
6. Victorian styles
7. Gone with wind
8. Orientals
9. Historical
10. Weddings

hmm….now, I’m quite curious about Ming-ju Sun.

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